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Monster math

How many legs does this monster have? In this math worksheet, your child interprets a picture to write multiplication equations, then solves them.

Math disability in children: An overview

Learn about the signs and sources of a learning disability in math -- and how to detect them in your child.

Your kindergartner and math

Object lessons: Kindergartners kick-start math with blocks, bottle caps, and dice.

Electronic Math Worksheets

Learn about assistive technology tools called electronic math worksheets.

Assistive technology tools: Math

Learn about assistive technology tools called talking calculators.

Kindergarten math: Patterns

Three games to teach your child about patterns.

Beach Ball Math

How you can help at home: Try this game to help your child with basic addition and subtraction facts.

Math for young kids

5 fun math games to play with your young child.

Your first grader and math

Laying a strong foundation: First graders learn about money, time, and measurements -- and that's not all.

Your second grader and math

Building on the basics, second graders should be able to add, count, write whole numbers up to 1,000, and much more.