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Autism: An overview

Autism rates have skyrocketed. Here's how to identify the symptoms and what services to seek for an autistic child.

Understanding Asperger's syndrome

Asperger's syndrome, sometimes called nerd syndrome, is a neurological disorder categorized under the umbrella of autistic spectrum disorders.

It Worked: Setting Goals for the Future

A mother describes a strategy that helped her communicate with her son and his teacher about an issue they disagreed on.

All eyes on iPad

The snazzy new gadget from Apple might be the ultimate AT device for my son.

Fighting the good fight

Parents' top tips for managing conflict as you advocate for your child.

ACLU: Teachers abuse kids with disabilities

Unsettling evidence suggests that corporal punishment policies are targeting the most vulnerable children.

Will make eye contact

How to write social skills IEP goals that work.

Searching for the miracle

Parents, in a desperate quest to fix what they've been told is broken in their children, are willing to try (or pay) anything to help their kids.

What Do I Do When a Teacher Says My Child Needs Meds?

My daughter gets in trouble at school. The teacher says she is in high speed all the time, doesn't watch where she is going, knocks things over or trips over stuff. Her teacher says that she doesn't pay attention to her work, she does it...

8 steps to a successful IEP meeting

A parents' guide to strategic planning for children on the autism spectrum.