Teacher credentials
This table shows the percentage of teachers holding a full teaching credential or emergency permit to teach in the state of California.

Fully credentialed teachers have graduated from an accredited college, completed an approved teacher preparation program and passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST).

Emergency permit holders have graduated from college and passed the CBEST. Districts can apply for an emergency permit for a teacher only if they cannot hire interns or fully credentialed teachers.

California requires all teachers to earn a credential, but many schools, especially in lower-income neighborhoods, hire applicants with "emergency" credentials or waivers due to a lack of qualified teachers. The teachers may have bachelor's degrees and/or professional experience in the subjects they teach, but lack the required pedagogical training and experience. You might want to ask the principal or a teacher about training opportunities and other support available to novice teachers at your school.

Source: CA Dept. of Education, 2008-2009

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