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Physical Disabilities


vacekd1001 January 13, 2009


I noticed a post someone had on this subject.

I worked as a teacher for children with cognitive and physical disabilities for ten years.  I noticed that GS did not seem to have a group for parents of children with physical disabilities.  So i started one.  Please write about  any difficulties you may be having getting your child's needs met in school.  Or how you solved these problems.


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vacekd1001 November 8, 2009

frazzle, Welcome to Great Schools!!!

By law the middle school has to meet your child's needs. They must be accessible. Does your child have a 504 plan, or an IEP. Is your son in a wheel chair? If so is it motorized?

Here are some other groups which may be of more help to you. You may re-post a more detailed form of your question in any one of these groups.

Learning and Attention Difficulties

Education Laws Regs, Violations Help & Info


sharie001 November 9, 2009


The first place I would start is with a full evaluataion, to assess your child's disabilities, their impact on learning, and reccamendations to compensate for his disaiblities. If your district has already evaluated your child as per IDEA (federal regs) and you feel their eval was not satisfactory or was incorrect, then you have the right to request a private eval (IEE- independent educational eval) at public expense (the district pays for it). Your child should qualify for a 504 plan at a minimum, but a spec ed IEP would provide more for him (it doesn't mean he'd be in spec ed class).

Here is a link on how to make this request.


ValerieHau October 6, 2010

How do you get help for a physically disabled child? - Alyssa is 4 years old. She has Congenital Myopathy with hyper-lax joints, a form of muscular dystrophy. She also has Von Willebrand Disease, low muscle tone and weakness, SPD, major GI problems, lung problems and feeding issues. The since she tests at a 31 for Kindergarten evaluation - is not a special needs child. She has fallen and hit here head 3X in the last 3 weeks - lives in Cottage Grove MN - teachers have said the Dr. are incorrect on the diagnosis and she is just under developed.

Where to go?


goosma October 8, 2010

To Valerie Hau: I'm a school-based physical therapist in California, and your daughter needs a PT evaluation. I don't know about MN, but in CA there is a category of Special Ed eligibility called "Orthopedic Impairment". Sounds like she would qualify under that, regardless of cognitive status. PT's in the school setting assess for what equipment a student needs, sometimes suggest modifications to schedule/campus/classsroom set-up, and can provide regular treatment to attain specific, school-related functional goals. Feel free to email me at if you have more questions. GOOD LUCK!


Mariacris May 22, 2013

Hi, I don´t know if you still are in this chat, but my worry is about my almost 3 years old boy, who was born with mielomeningocele (spina bifida), Arnold Chiari 2 and club feet. He doesn´t have any valb for hydrocephalus. He is a miracle because he is a really very bright boy. He already learned the alphabet and numbers, by watching PBS kids. He doesn´t walk by himself, because he has AFO in both legs and the muscle from the knees to the feet are weak. He is under the early steps program, but it will end at the age of three. I already had the interview with the ESE program and they say: because the problem with not walking doesn´t avoid his intellectual learning process, may be he will not be elegible to be under the ESE ... And that will be so hard for us because he really needs PT and star going to school! What should I do?


user5260687 August 25, 2013

Hello mariacris, My 3 year old daughter has Spina Bifida as well. She is smart and can walk, but needs catheterization, bowel management, and a couple more surgeries later on her bladder (it looks like a christmas tree) and spinal cord (the neurosurgeon is waiting for leg weakness). I spoke to a school district and the course where we will start with is a 504 Plan. I tried to get her enrolled in a head start program to start the development of an IEP, but was denied due to her ability to grasp concepts at the toddler stage which was pretty much following directions, comparing sizes, and colors. I will keep working with my daughter and try to develop an IEP if I feel it is necessary. Remember, you do not have to sign agreements right away even if you feel it's sufficient. Look them over for a couple days.

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