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thinking of changing to Ventura USD language immersion


wilder March 5, 2013

Daughters are ages 3.5 and 9, preschool and 3rd grade respectively. I've always wanted to have them in immersion programs but went a different direction. Now I'm finally thinking of doing it for September of '14. My older daughter would need to learn a lot of Spanish between now and then. Does anyone have any thoughts on these immersion schools in Ventura USD? What's the word on the street? Has anyone made the change with an older child and had to teach them an accelerated second language? Thanks!

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MagnetMom March 6, 2013

Hi wilder,

Definitely find out what the school's admission policy is for older students. Often immersion schools limit which grades can apply, to allow the best possible chance at success. If your child is in 5th grade by then, it's not likely they admit students at that point, but it would definitely behoove you to ask.

Good luck, and let us know what you find out.


rheisler March 18, 2013

Most require you test in. They'd have to demonstrate grade-appropriate bilingual language skills. Talk to the school and get their thoughts.

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