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Shifted from Expeditionary Learning - Disappointing


BeaverHouse April 13, 2013

What began as Expeditionary Learning, through budget cuts, has now become a run of the mill school. Oversized classes. Little teaching done in class, extra homework and academics running at a slow pace. Slower than it was a few years ago. Kids are bored and learning little. I hear the same from other parents in other Beaverton schools. Must be district wide changes in teaching that has led to this. Teachers are in the classes less and less. What will the next generation be like?

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MagnetMom April 15, 2013

Hi BeaverHouse, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

I hear you. Have you attended a school site government meeting or contacted your school board member with your concerns?

With budgetary issues and the upcoming Common Core standards, many districts are being forced to change their teaching methods.

What drew you to expeditionary learning, and how has the school district dropped the ball?


CGkids April 21, 2013

Maybe consider magnet schools ?
In our area, the public schools are so bad (as in 2/10), I am totally considering homeschooling in a few years (My son is 2)

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