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K5 - first report card


user4029088 November 1, 2013

My daughter got her first report card in K5, she got all "S's" which is Above average and 3 N's (needs improvement) in listening skills, willingness to cooperate and self control. Prior this school year, my LO spent 5 years in the Montessori system, her school in particular was very academics oriented, lots of phonics, reading and math. Very individualistic and no or very little group activities. Now she seems to enjoy school a lot more, she has friends and she had a good first report card but when I inquired about her getting all "S's" and no "E's" (exceptional), this is what I got from the teacher: I read your note asking how students earn Es. The kindergarten teachers agreed that students who show critical thinking and apply it independently, put forth extra effort to go above and beyond what is expected at this stage in Kindergarten earn Es. "your daughter" is a bright student who has to be prompted a lot in class to participate and put forth effort. She is on grade level and with a bit more effort, I see her earning some Es next quarter.
Could anyone share your thoughts? is she bored? is it normal transition? .

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MagnetMom November 4, 2013

Hi user,

I wouldn't assume she's bored. Teachers have different expectations She's not struggling, she's learning to adapt to new surroundings. This is kindergarten and she's there to learn. Some teachers aren't super easy graders that first report card, because they don't know how the kids are going to be as the year goes on, and it's always more stressful to see kids' grades drop--so they tend to be conservative with the first grading period.

And I like to say, no one gets into Harvard from kindergarten. So, be supportive, ask to go in and observe and watch as your daughter develops.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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