Fifth Grade

"I hate homework!"

Hold on, parents! Before you respond, see how these 5 experts say to respond to this nightly homework lament. Up first: Raising Happiness author Christine Carter... More »


The truth about nonfiction

There's a reading revolution underway. Here's why you'll see your child reading a lot more nonfiction.

Charter schools

What's a charter school, anyway?

Separate fact from fiction about these nontraditional public schools by watching our quick (and fun!) video.


Is all reading good reading?

Some parents are just happy to see kids read, but is this violent YA series going too far?

Book Reviews

Reading uncorked: 10 best book series

Want to get your fifth grader hooked on reading? Try these incredible, multi-book series.


Standing up for his son

His son was bullied relentlessly. As a result, 11-year-old Ty took his own life.

School choice

A guide to private schools

Picking schools? Private school is a viable option (even when you think it isn't).

Book Reviews

Mystery books for fifth graders

Whodunit? We did! Our picks to get your fifth grader hooked on mysteries.

Study Skills

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Five ways to relieve your child's fears about upcoming tests this year.

Academic Skills

Your fifth grader and writing

Writing is more involved this year, with prewriting, drafting, editing, and publishing.

Academic Skills

Your fifth grader and social studies

Fifth graders study native tribes, revolutionaries, and civic leaders as they explore our country's chronology.

Academic Skills

Your fifth grader and technology

By the end of fifth grade, your child should demonstrate advanced keyboarding skills.

Academic Skills

Your fifth grader and PE

Linking exercise to other lifestyle habits helps fifth graders make the connection between PE and overall health.

Academic Skills

Your fifth grader and art

While your child learns even more art techniques, some may also learn about the different art movements.

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