Fourth Grade

The organized child

Tired of MIA homework and wayward permission slips? Send your child back to school with habits that will keep things smooth all year long! More »

Parenting Dilemmas

IQ like Einstein

Reading at 6 months, college chemistry at 12 — Nathan's not just gifted, he's profoundly so.

Academic Skills

My child is gifted... now what?

Learn why parents often struggle to get their gifted children's intellectual and emotional needs met.

Parenting Dilemmas

Too much homework?

Young children are getting more homework now than ever before. But is it worth it?

Book Reviews

Humor books for fourth graders

Warning: these books may cause children to burst out into laughter.

Learning Activities

Lights, camera, action!

Your child can be the writer, director, and actor of her own movie!

Learning Activities

Child chef

After reading a local restaurant's menu, have your children create their own. The more detail, the better!

Identifying a Learning Disability

Does your child have an LD?

Watch out for these red flags of learning disabilities this year.

Academic Skills

Your fourth grader and social studies

Fourth graders focus on their state history while mastering places, dates, and regions.

Academic Skills

Your fourth grader and technology

Your child may be expected to build on classroom learning with internet research, software-based activities, and more.

Academic Skills

Your fourth grader and PE

PE shouldn’t be all work and no fun. Fourth graders should be able to try new sports and games while learning the benefits of being active.

Academic Skills

Your fourth grader and the arts

In a rich art program, your child will learn about visual arts, music, theater, and dance.

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