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Reach your target audience with customizable advertising and marketing opportunities on GreatSchools – the leading educational resource for over half of US parents and families.

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The GreatSchools Audience

45 million annual
website visitors

800,000 opt-in

50% of American

Marketing Partners

From Fortune 500 companies to schools, organizations of all sizes trust GreatSchools to reach,
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Unrivaled Reach and Influence

Gain access to millions of engaged users who rely on GreatSchools for valuable educational resources. With our extensive network, your brand will receive unparalleled exposure, generating brand awareness and fostering meaningful connections with your target audience.

Targeted Advertising Opportunities

Pinpoint your advertising efforts by tailoring your message to specific geographic regions, school districts, or demographic segments. GreatSchools’ granular targeting capabilities ensure your ads reach the right audience, maximizing the impact of your campaigns.

Sponsorship for Social Impact

Demonstrate your commitment to education and make a lasting difference by sponsoring our educational initiatives. From scholarships to community programs, your sponsorship will create positive change and leave a lasting impact on students, parents, and schools.

Empower Education and Amplify Your Brand’s Influence Today!

Partner with GreatSchools and become a driving force behind transformative education. Connect with our audience, inspire change, and position your brand as a catalyst for educational excellence.

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ROI on Every Channel

You need to market to parents, families, and educators. GreatSchools is your proven channel for online and email campaigns, no matter your budget.

Web-based ads

4M monthly visitors

28M monthly impressions

58K monthly clicks

You select the topics, audience, and geographies aligned to your marketing goals.


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What You Can Expect Working With GreatSchools

We are audience-centric, so our readers’ experience is our top priority. You succeed when they do. Here’s how we ensure both.

1. Meet your marketing specialist.

GreatSchools assigns you a dedicated media specialist who helps you develop high-impact ads for your audience. Together, you’ll set your marketing goals, launch your campaigns, and measure your growth.

2. Target your marketing.

We filter your marketing campaign by segments like role and grade level, so you reach your audience with precision. You can even align with programs like back-to-school, STEM, college and career readiness, literacy, and more.

3. Select your marketing channels.

GreatSchools enables you to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns. Whether you invest in online or digital marketing, you will maximize your budget and reach with the channel mix that’s right for your organization.

4. Measure & optimize ROI.

Your marketing specialist provides you with detailed performance reports monthly, so you track performance and make data-driven decisions to grow month over month. See placements, impressions, clicks, and conversions – and the cost for each.

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