The purpose of commas, periods, and exclamation points may seem obvious to adults but many first graders struggle with the punctuation marks that form the basic building blocks of writing. It’s especially difficult when children attempt to learn them all at once. These 1st grade punctuation worksheets will help your child learn essential skills one at a time. These worksheets, which are aligned to educational standards, have been carefully designed to engage children and build important English language arts skills. Use them over a summer or winter break or when you think your child needs a bit of practice.


Skill: Grammar

Commas, 1st grade punctuation worksheets

Looking for separation?

In this 1st grade punctuation worksheet, your child will learn to separate words in lists by using commas, as well as writing sentences using commas.


Punctuation: “”, ?, and !

Skill: Exclamation points


“What’s this?” I asked. “A worksheet!” she shouted.

In this punctuation worksheet, your child learns about exclamation points, question marks, and quotation marks — and then practices using them.


Question marks #1

Skill: Following directions

Question-marks, 1st grade punctuation worksheets

Statement or question?

In this writing worksheet, your child learns when to use question marks versus periods — and gets practice writing full sentences with the correct punctuation marks. They also get to draw a mouse and a cat!


Question marks #2

Skill: Learning about punctuation


The dog is in the bed. Where is the dog?

In this punctuation worksheet, your child gets to practice choosing when to use question marks rather than periods. It’s not hard. Or is it?


Question words, question marks

Skill: Questions

Questions-words, 1st grade punctuation worksheets

Who, what, where, when, why, and how?

In this punctuation worksheet, your child learns the five key words for starting questions. When do you use the word who? Why do you use it? How do you know? For each sample question, your child will write the correct question word at the beginning and a question mark at the end.