Parts of the whole

Skill: Basic fractions


How many parts are shaded? How many parts in all?

Using shading, this math worksheet helps your child understand fractions as parts of a whole.


Comparing fractions

Skill: Understanding greater than and less than


Which fraction is bigger?

In series of pairs, your child will circle the larger fraction or mixed number in this math worksheet.


Fraction models

Skill: Fractions of shapes


Fill in the blanks!

This math worksheet will give your child practice identifying fractions of shapes and filling in the missing numbers in fractions.


Fractions of shapes

Skill: Learning equal parts


Just a part of the whole

Your third grader will shade in parts of rectangles and circles in this coloring math worksheet to match a given fraction amount.


Shaded shapes — 3rd grade fractions

Skill: Beginning fractions


How many circles? How many are shaded? What is the fraction amount?

This math worksheet helps your child conceptualize fractions using shaded and unshaded versions of well known shapes like triangles and circles.