Colons, semicolons, and dashes

Skill: Editing


My favorite things: warm, sunny days; soft, cuddly puppies; and brownies — but only ones without nuts!

In this grammar worksheet, your fourth grader will learn how to write sentences using a dash, colon, or semicolon.



Skill: Conjunctions


Connectives are words or phrases that link together different parts of a text.

In this language arts worksheet, your fourth grader will get practice combining two simple sentences into one compound sentence.


Compound sentences

Skill: Sentence structure


Adding a clause to a simple sentence makes it longer. Adding two ore more clauses makes it a compound sentence. A complex sentence gets even more, well, complex…

In this writing worksheet, your child gets practice building and understanding simple, compound, AND complex sentences.



Skill: Building vocabulary


For, between, across and through are all prepositions.

In this writing worksheet, your child will write the correct preposition into ten pre-written sentences, and then write 10 full sentences which will contain prepositional phrases.


Punctuating a paragraph

Skill: English grammar


Paragraphs separate instructions, ideas or themes — and without them writing can be hard to follow.

In this writing worksheet, your fourth grader will edit a paragraph by separating the phrases, adding capital letters and the proper punctuation. As a bonus exercise, your child will also practice writing a paragraph with dialogue using quotation marks.

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Updated: April 15, 2016