These grammar worksheets for 4th grade cover fundamental skills every 4th grader needs to learn.  Whatever your child’s writing skills, understanding how to use punctuation like colons and semicolons will help them understand how to organize their thoughts within a sentence.  It’s not just about creating more complex sentences; it’s about showing the relationship between their thoughts. Similarly, practicing compound sentences will allow your child to create arguments and narratives with more clarity. These five grammar worksheets for 4th grade can be used to teach new skills, offer extra practice or test your child’s knowledge of essential 4th grade skills

Colons, semicolons, and dashes

Skill: Editing


My favorite things: warm, sunny days; soft, cuddly puppies; and brownies — but only ones without nuts!

In this grammar worksheet, your fourth grader will learn how to write sentences using a dash, colon, or semicolon.



Skill: Conjunctions


Connectives are words or phrases that link together different parts of a text.

In this language arts worksheet, your fourth grader will get practice combining two simple sentences into one compound sentence.


Compound sentences

Skill: Sentence structure


Adding a clause to a simple sentence makes it longer. Adding two ore more clauses makes it a compound sentence. A complex sentence gets even more, well, complex…

In this writing worksheet, your child gets practice building and understanding simple, compound, AND complex sentences.



Skill: Building vocabulary


For, between, across and through are all prepositions.

In this writing worksheet, your child will write the correct preposition into ten pre-written sentences, and then write 10 full sentences which will contain prepositional phrases.


Punctuating a paragraph

Skill: English grammar


Paragraphs separate instructions, ideas or themes — and without them writing can be hard to follow.

In this writing worksheet, your fourth grader will edit a paragraph by separating the phrases, adding capital letters and the proper punctuation. As a bonus exercise, your child will also practice writing a paragraph with dialogue using quotation marks.

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