Melting vs. dissolving

Skill: States of matter


I’m melting! But did she melt — or dissolve?

In this science worksheet, your child’s experiments will determine whether a matter’s change of state was caused by melting or dissolving.


It’s flexible

Skill: Observational skills


Let’s be more flexible.

Can it bend without breaking? In this science worksheet, your child learns about the flexibility of various items. Also, based on table data of several items, your fourth grader determines which are the most and least flexible.


Fruit detective

Skill: Deductive reasoning


What kind of fruit is this? A plant key might help you figure it out!

In this science worksheet, your fourth grader will follow hints to determine what fruits are depicted.


All mixed up!

Skill: Solid or liquid


Soluble and unsoluble — new words, new concept

In this science worksheet, your child will determine (or try to!) what may happen when various solids and liquids are combined. You’ll need some of the following: sugar, salt, soil, flour, water, and boiling water.


All-weather gift wrap

Skill: Science experiments


Are these materials absorbent — or are they waterproof?

In this science worksheet, your child learns about materials that are and aren’t absorbent. You’ll need some or all of the following: plastic, like a bag, aluminum foil, metal screen, cotton fabric, and newspaper.

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