Cubes of small numbers

Skill: Finding volume


What is 23?

This math worksheet gives your fifth grader practice multiplying numbers to the third power. They also will find the volume of these shapes.


Lines of symmetry, polygons

Skill: Drawing


Out of line

This math worksheet gives your child practice finding shape attributes and drawing lines of symmetry on polygons such as hexagons, pentagons, and more.


Volume of cubes

Skill: Calculating volume


Inside the 3rd power

This math worksheet shows your fifth grader how to calculate cubic volume. Practice makes perfect. So there are also a series of varied shapes on which your 5th grader can practice finding volumes.


Plotting number pairs

Skill: Interpreting data


The plot thickens …

This math worksheet offers practice working with coordinate pairs to find and plot data points.



Skill: Understanding coordinates


Graceful and coordinated

This math worksheet offers your fifth grader practice reading and working with data points and coordinate pairs.