Looking for some fun games and activities for 5th graders to keep your tween occupied — and learning — at home? Check out activities for class 5! Whether it’s learning about how to follow a recipe or identify the states on a map, these activities combine crucial life skills with important grade-level learning.

Fun learning games and activities for 5th graders

  1. Act out a script

    This activity will help your child have fun, increase reading fluency and expression, and get the whole family involved.

  2. Family fitness

    Try these activities together to build an awareness of the importance of exercise.

  3. Follow a recipe

    This activity provides real-life practice in reading directions, sequencing and measuring.

  4. Identify that state

    This game will help your fifth grader locate states on a map and build social studies skills.

  5. Create a comic book

    Your fifth grader will learn to use the Drawing Toolbar in Microsoft Word to create his own family comic book. This activity builds writing and computer skills.

  6. Create a memory book

    With the help of a word-processing program and a digital camera, your fifth grader can build computer skills and create a wonderful book about his family.

  7. Keeping a journal

    Have your child keep a journal and build reading and writing skills.

  8. Making a break mold garden

    This activity teaches observation and experimentation, important skills for budding scientists.

  9. Describe an object

    In this activity your child writes about an object in detail.

  10. Crazy caption

    This simple but fun activity builds reading and writing skills.

  11. Power reading talk

    Don’t underestimate the power of talking to your child about what he is reading by asking questions and engaging in conversation. This activity helps to build reading skills.

  12. Microscope discovery

    With an inexpensive microscope as your tool, you can help your child reinforces the skills of observation and prediction, important tools in building science skills.