Finding key points

Skill: Evaluating writing


Have you ever wondered why clear skies are sometimes deep blue and at other times almost white?

In this reading worksheet, your fifth grader will read a short informational passage and then think about the key points, as well as answer questions about the content and language in the passage.


Comparing two stories

Skill: Fluency


Cor! A most curious country it was…

What are the similarities and differences of these two stories? In this set of reading comprehension worksheets, your child will practice reading, thinking about, and comparing two different texts.



Skill: Understanding writer’s style and voice


A bonny lad’s story. Does it sound strange?

This language arts worksheet helps your fifth grader learn the difference between standard English and a dialect — a variation on the English you usually speak. It will also help your child recognize the style of an individual writer as they read, compare, and contrast two different texts.


Hard Times

Skill: Similes and metaphors


Charles Dickens uses more detail than many modern writers do. Why do you suppose this is?

In this reading worksheet, your child will read a passage from Hard Times and answer questions about Dickens’ use of language.


Poems: comparing

Skill: Mechanics of poetry


I am the rain.

In this reading worksheet, your child learns how to look at the structure, meaning, mechanics, and language of poetry by comparing two poems by the same author.