Did you know that the law requires your child’s IEP team to consider assistive technology? Or that your child is entitled to supports for extracurricular activities? Or that you can ask for training so you can help your kid at home?

These tidbits and hundreds more are packed into All About IEPs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About IEPs, a handy new book by the team at Wrightslaw (Peter Wright, Pamela Wright, and Sandra W. O’Connor). This guide should be required reading for parents of kids in special education and is a good one to bring to every team meeting.

Accessible enough for a total newbie, the book also has information that will come as a surprise to even the most veteran advocate. All About IEPs features 14 chapters’ worth of facts, including sections on transition, assistive technology, placement, extended school year, and more. Each chapter starts with the basics and then takes on a Q & A format. The tone is casual (not filled with special ed jargon), and there are specific examples of the topic being discussed. For those who want to dig deeper, the book has pointers to the section in IDEA (Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, the federal law regulating special education) where that particular issue is covered.

All About IEPs also includes links where parents can find more information on various topics and a helpful glossary for those not conversant in edu-speak.