For many kids who are learning to read, it can be a difficult step to go from knowing how to read a few words by sight, to being able to sound out a simple book they’ve never read before. Teachers tell parents to have their children read with them every night, but how do you read with your child when he gets upset after sounding out a single sentence? How do you get through a whole book?

Try this: Pick an easy-to-read storybook that your child knows really well. Then have him read it to you aloud. Many kids know most words from their favorite books by heart. Even still, your child will still need to be able to read (or what’s called “decode”) some words and sentences on his own – which gives him a chance to truly read. Try having your child read rhyming stories (like Dr. Seuss books). Since rhyming books have a musical quality, this makes the stories easy to remember. “Reading” a book that, in truth, your early reader mostly knows from memory, can give your child the confidence to read more and more.