Make time for reading

If your child isn’t an avid reader, get her back in the swing of reading at least a month before school starts. It doesn’t matter what she reads — it can be books, magazines, comics — but the important thing is to get in the habit of reading daily well before school begins.

One way to encourage reading is to bring books with you wherever you go. Take books to the park or the beach. Have them available while waiting in line or at the doctor’s office. Take them on planes, trains and bus trips. Be a role model by taking books along for yourself, too. Kids are more likely to read when they see their parents reading in their free time.

Many libraries have summer reading programs, particularly for elementary school students. They provide fun incentives to keep your child engaged in reading. Kathy Glass, a California middle-school teacher, educational consultant and author focusing on curriculum and instruction, suggests “Students and parents can access the American Library Association Web site to find books that have won literary awards like the Caldecott and Newbery, and also a list of notable books to read.”

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Updated: June 5, 2018