What are early writing skills? They are the skills that help a child learn to write, including talking, listening, thinking, and reading. But it’s also building the fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil or pen, draw, and make straight and curvy lines. These worksheets give your preschooler practice building these important fine motor skills.

Practicing circles

Skill: Tracing


Going in circles!

In this early writing worksheet, your child will work on a valuable skill (drawing counterclockwise circles) that will aid in writing letters with curves such as Q, C, O and G.


Practicing curves in the water

Skill: Early writing practice


Imagine swimming dragons.

In this fun coloring worksheet, your child will connect the dots to create fluid, curvy lines — and finish the picture of these cute characters.


Practicing straight lines

Skill: Writing letters


The mouse ran up the clock, but in this early writing worksheet the pen will run down it!

Your child will get practice drawing vertical lines in a downward direction — by way of connecting the dots. This key skill is essential in forming letters.


Tracing a path

Skill: Coloring


Cute animals — ready for coloring.

In this early writing worksheet, your child will color, trace, and draw — left to right — the winding curved path of a duck, a “mouse,” a snail, and a kitten.


Watch it go!

Skill: Left to right


Fly like a butterfly!

In this early left-to-right drawing worksheet, your child will “read,” trace, and then draw the curvy-lined paths of a butterfly, ball, monkey, and kite across the page.