Looking for ways to help your child learn important skills? Try some of these tips and activities.

How to Keep Reading With Your Child

Support your child’s reading skills by reading aloud, listening to your child read and discussing vocabulary.

Help With Writing at Home

Use these strategies to help your child with his writing.

Connect Food and Literature

In this activity your child chooses a recipe to make that goes along with a book she has read.

Write a Menu

Next time you go out to eat, try this fun exercise to help build language skills.

How to Help With Math Homework

Use these helpful tips to guide your child with his math homework.

Tips to Integrate Technology at Home

Help your child learn to use technology by integrating it into her daily life.

The History of Food

In this social studies activity your child researches the origins of a particular food.

Math Tips for Home

Help your child have a positive outlook on math with these strategies.

Promote Science at Home

Here are tips for helping your child engage in scientific thinking.

Be A Travel Agent

Have your child plan a real or virtual trip.

Make a Movie

In this activity your child has a chance to be a writer, director, and actor.

Make Social Studies Come Alive

Here are tips for helping your child learn to love social studies.

Art Tips for Home

Try these strategies to develop your child’s arts savvy.

Encourage the Arts for Fourth-Graders

Here are some easy ways you can encourage the artist in your fourth grader.

Encourage the Arts for Fifth-Graders

Try these easy suggestions for encouraging the budding artist in your fifth grader.

Encourage Physical Activity at Home

These tips will help you find the right physical activity for your child to keep him fit.

Design a Book Jacket

In this activity your child designs a book jacket to summarize the main ideas of a story he has read.

Write a Diamante Poem

Have your child write a line poem in the shape of a diamond.

Bedroom to Scale

Have your child explore measurement by drawing his bedroom to scale.

Sock Probabilty

In this activity your child explores prediction and probability using different colored socks.

Cause and Effect Game

In this activity your child learns about cause and effect.

Make a Bread Mold Garden!

Your child can practice skills of observation with this science experiment.

Needs and Wants

Help your child learn to manage money by teaching her the difference between what one needs and what one wants.

Exploration of Emotions

Help your fourth or fifth grader learn to express his emotions.

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