The trip to and from school is the most hazardous time of the school day, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says. Here are some tips and resources to help make it a safe trip.

Walking or Biking

  • Chart out a route to school or to the school bus stop. If your child is going to a new school, take a dry run a few days before school starts.
  • Go over the rules of stranger awareness and traffic safety. Warn your child to always walk with a friend and to avoid vacant lots and places where there are few people.
  • Be sure your child has your daytime phone number (including area code) and address, as well as the number of another familiar adult.
  • Scout out “safe houses” in the neighborhood where your child can go in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure your child wears a helmet if she’s riding her bike.

Taking the Bus

  • Remember to get the new bus schedule!
  • If your child will be taking the bus for the first time, discuss the bus route and bus safety rules with her.
  • Teach your child to walk 10 feet – or 10 giant steps – away from the bus after he is dropped off and never to walk behind it.


  • If you will be driving your child, have a backup arrangement with another parent in case you are delayed for some reason.
  • Confirm carpool arrangements in advance and make sure your child knows who will be picking him up before and after school.


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