Reading is an engaging way for kids to learn about different eras and people from multiple perspectives. These book lists introduce kids to historic events, world leaders, and change makers in age-appropriate ways.


K-8 history books for kids

History books for kindergartners
Heroes of the past come to life — and transform the future — in these history books your child will love.

History books for 1st graders
Incredible bravery, important advice, friendship, and an inspiring dream — all are part of this rich offering of books that bring history to life for young readers.

History books for 2nd graders
Dreams of equality, friends sadly separated, and intrepid pioneers bring the past to life in these books perfect for 7- and 8-year olds.

History books for 3rd graders
Young characters reveal the stories of different eras — from medieval times to the Civil Rights Movement — and make history real for today’s kids.

History books for 4th graders
From Joan of Arc and Sacagawea to Ghandi and Deborah Sampson, these books introduce historical leaders and make faraway places relatable to 9- and 10-year-olds.

History books for 5th graders
Stories of war, war’s aftermath, and revolution offer tweens insight into many eras of an ever-changing world.

History books for 6th graders
The Holocaust, assassinations, child labor, death-by-snake, despots and tyrants make 6th grade a weighty year, but survival, hope, courage, and genius can easily be unearthed.

History books for 7th graders
These 12 books bring historical events including slavery, the Vietnam War, and the rise of Hitler vividly to life for 12- and 13-year-old readers.

History books for 8th graders
Volatile times and fascinating people — from Benedict Arnold to Eleanor Roosevelt — make for entertaining and educational reading this year.