Adding 1 more

Skill: More than


Just one more!

In this coloring math worksheet, your child will count items (circles, flowers, and trees) in pairs of rows, and decide which row has one more item in it than the other.


And 2 more makes…

Skill: Writing numerals


3 + 2 = ?

In this coloring math worksheet, your child will draw two additional flowers next to rows of flowers, and then calculate the total in each row. They are also asked to add without picture prompts.


Count and color

Skill: Counting to 20


Add ’em up.

This coloring math worksheet has your child work on visual addition problems and color the right number for the answer.


Count how many

Skill: Beginning addition


Nothing to count

In this math worksheet, your child will work on solving math questions (with sums up to 10) without the aid of objects to count.


Fishing for 10

Skill: Relating counting to addition


Green fish and white fish

This coloring math worksheet tasks your child with coloring some fish green, while leaving others white. Then start counting, and enter the totals.