Links and resources for Liar, liar

Check out these 12 research-backed tips for raising honest kids.

Does saying “don’t tattle” send kids the wrong message?

Has your child heard you telling “white lies”? Experts say they may be teaching your child that lying is okay.

It’s developmentally appropriate for teenagers to lie to their parents. So how do you build a trusting relationship with your adolescent child?

Research suggests a surprising relationship between kids’ lying and punishment: a punitive disciplinary style may teach kids to be less honest.

Want to build a virtual community at your child’s school? Check out our series of free presentations on raising compassionate, courageous kids. Designed for anyone to deliver over Zoom or in person, they come with a presenter script, an entertaining slide deck, and audience participation prompts.

This episode of Like a Sponge was produced by Carol Lloyd and Charity Ferreira for GreatSchools, thanks to the support of U.C. Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and the John Templeton Foundation. Sound editing and design by Christopher Ferreira.

Special thanks to Trina Paul; Michael Lewis, director of the Institute for the Study of Child development at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; and Sophia and John Ware.

The music you heard in this episode is by Milli Vanilli (Girl You Know It’s True), Average White Band (Pick up the pieces), Nihoni (Fuzzy Logic), Fleetwood Mac (Tell Me Lies), Love Committee (Cheaters Never Win), Rita Ora (Been Lying), and The Black Eyed Peas (Don’t Lie). Like a Sponge’s Season 2 theme is Blue and Green by RimskyMusic.

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