Many kids love to go to the movies throughout the summer. Why not have some fun creating your own movie using members of your family as the actors? This activity involves technology, writing skills, and develops reading fluency. If you don’t have a camera, you can make a family play by adapting these directions.

A movie starts with a good script of a good story. The story can come from your child’s imagination and experiences. Let your child write the script. Help her develop a story line that has a setting, characters, and a plot with a beginning, middle, and end.

During the writing of the script, encourage your child to revise/edit and rewrite as many times as she thinks is necessary to tell a story that’s clear and compelling to the audience is deemed necessary. Encourage her to use figurative language, and use the dictionary and thesaurus to make words come alive and increase interest.

Have your child assign everybody parts. Practice reading the script, acting out roles and recording the movie with a home camera. Add more to the script and have several story lines going at one time. You can add music to play in the background. See how much you can change the scenery to make the story more visually interesting.

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