In this activity your child makes an invitation using word-processing software and practices writing and spelling skills, as well.

What you’ll need

  • Word-processing program such as Microsoft Word
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Color printer (optional)
  • Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps

How to do it

Do you have an upcoming event such as a birthday? Discuss with your child the information to include in an invitation. Decide on headings that will incorporate all the information. Here are some headings the invitation may include: What, Where, When, and RSVP. Explain what RSVP means. Open the word-processing program.

Have your child type a title for the invitation such as “Julia’s Tea Party.” Have your child type the headings, followed by the other information. For example:

Where: Julia’s Living Room at 739 Rosewood Avenue.

After all the information is typed, help your child format the text by changing the font sizes and font color to some of the text. For example she may want to center the title and make it bold, larger and in another color. At the top of the invitation your child can insert a picture by adding clip art. Once the picture is added you can help her make it smaller, if necessary, and center the picture on top of the title of the invitation. Have your child proofread the invitation and then print it. Have your child mail them or pass them out to the invitees.

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Updated: April 22, 2015