Parents are often far too busy to think about social studies at night. Use what is happening in our world and communities to make it easier. In this game, use the laminated maps to help children learn where current events are taking place.

What You’ll Need:

  • Lamintaed map of the United States
  • Laminated map of the world (You coan purchase the maps at any bookstore.  You can get the map laminated at any copy store or possibly at your child’s school.)
  • Overhead or dry erase markers
  • One package of baby wipres or Wet Ones

Here’s How to Do It

Have your child read about a current event in the newspaper or view a news story on TV.

Use the laminated maps to find that area of the United States or the world in which the event is happening and circle it on the map. It takes no time on your part and your child is learning geography with a hands-on activity!

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