Sound words

Skill: Fluency



Yes, that’s a word. It’s a sound word! Now that your child is getting good at sounding out unfamiliar words, this reading worksheet will be a treat. It will reveal how useful, descriptive, and fun words can be.


Mixed-up compound words

Skill: Decoding words


Wait, what’s a bookfall?

There’s something fishy about the compound words in this reading worksheet, and your child needs to take a good hard look at them, figure out what’s wrong, and fix ’em.



Skill: Finding information


Have you heard about the nonfiction revolution?

Schools are putting new emphasis on children doing research and reading nonfiction. This reading worksheet, which helps kids understand what a glossary is and how to use it, will help your child build these important skills.


Tongue twisters

Skill: Pronunciation


The ragged rascal ran.

This fun reading worksheet gives your child practice with pronunciation, reading aloud, fluency, self-correcting — and, of course, a bit o’ fun with word play!


A mysterious story

Skill: Nouns and pronouns


Can you solve this mystery?

In this reading worksheet, your child gets valuable practice with comprehension. They will read a more complex text, answer questions about what happened, and decipher challenging language. Additionally, they will touch on social and emotional skills as they are asked how certain parts of the poem makes them feel and figuring out why.