Writing letters is fun! Give your child a crayon, marker, or pencil and let your child play! Straight lines help with uppercase letters like A and E while curvy lines help with letters like S and O. The idea isn’t perfection or accuracy, it’s fun exposure to the building blocks of words.


Skill: Early writing practice


All 26 of them!

Your child will practice tracing the entire lowercase alphabet in this early writing worksheet. This is a handy worksheet as all 26 letters are in big print and in order.


Lowercase and uppercase #1

Skill: Learning letter sounds


A to a, and B to b!

In this early reading worksheet, your child will connect lowercase letters with their uppercase matches — while working on letter sounds and learning the alphabet. Reading out loud is good!


Lowercase g and q

Skill: Tracing


2 tricky letters get written!

In this early writing worksheet, your child gets connect-the-dot practice tracing and writing lowercase letters g and q. Do you remember how similar these could sometimes look in your young handwriting?


Matching letters: bears

Skill: Coloring


Bears care about fashion too!

In this early reading worksheet, your child will draw a line connecting each bear to his hat by recognizing the same lowercase letter on each — and they can color the bears and their hats!


Write your name

Skill: Learning the alphabet


What’s my name?

This early writing worksheet will help your child locate the letters in his or her name and practice writing it out.