Clowning around connect the dots

Skill: Coloring


Everybody loves clowns! Okay, maybe not…

But children will enjoy connecting the dots from one to nine — while coloring in this friendly clown — in a top math worksheet.


Dinosaur connect the dots

Skill: Counting to 20


They once ruled the earth!

Kids will love revealing the connect the dots dinosaurs by practicing the numbers 1 to 20, in this fun coloring math worksheet.


Connect-the-dot flowers

Skill: Drawing


A flower is a lovesome thing — but where’d it go?

Your child will connect the dots to discover hidden flowers in this charming coloring math worksheet that also lets kids practice counting and number sequencing to 12.


Stars and planets connect the dots

Skill: Number sequencing


This worksheet is out of this world!

Children will practice number sequencing from 1 to 10 as they connect the dots to reveal planets and stars in this fun coloring math worksheet.


Connect-the-dots dinosaurs

Skill: Counting to 40


40 is the new 30.

In this more challenging coloring math worksheet your child will connect the dots from 1 to 40 to discover two dinosaurs, as well as gain some practice reading number words.

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