Looking for information on educating gifted and talented students? The links below will point you to information on state-funded Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs, how to assess your child’s abilities, provide gifted children with the challenging curriculum they need to thrive, and support your gifted child.

In general, policies about gifted education vary by state. For information about how gifted education works where you live, check the GreatSchools.org state overview page and click on the link to your state Department of Education Web site.

Texas Education Agency, Gifted and Talented Education Information
This site provides the state administrative code section on gifted and talented programs.

Florida Department of Education Exceptional Student Education Services
The FDE’s site provides information on programs for the gifted in Florida, as well as a link to their Clearinghouse Information Center. The Clearinghouse operates a resource center where parents can access a wide range of information on gifted programs.

Arizona Department of Education, Gifted and Talented Education Information
The Exceptional Student Services programs aim to promote, develop and implement programs for exceptionally talented students. This page provides contact information for state programs, as well as information about opportunities to enrich your child’s education in Arizona.

California Association for the Gifted
The CAG provides institutes and conferences for families and educators, shares strategies for cultivating your child’s talents, and also offers publications and advocacy assistance.

Washington Association of Educators of Talented and Gifted
The WAETAG provides resources for teachers and also lists learning opportunities for students on their Web site.

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
This comprehensive site provides monographs, brochures, videotapes and online resources for researchers, teachers, parents, administrators and others interested in gifted children and their education. The site also gives its users the options to sign up for a newsletter and ask the center’s researchers specific questions about gifted and talented education.

Hoagie’s Gifted Page
This comprehensive site contains insightful articles, information on programs and schooling options for gifted children, a parent discussion forum and other links of interest to parents of talented children.

This site provides in-depth gifted and talented education information, including activity resources, tips on working with your child’s school and help with addressing your child’s emotional and academic needs.

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to recognizing, nurturing and supporting gifted young people. Their site provides an array of services for students, parents and professionals to ensure that your child can continue to develop their talents.

Tennessee Initiative for Gifted Education Reform (TIGER)
Learn about education policy regarding gifted youth and find out why it’s important to advocate for gifted children. This grassroots network for parents, educators and the general public works to foster an understanding of the needs of gifted children.

Tennessee Association for the Gifted
Check out this site to learn more about the Tennessee Association for the Gifted (TAG), a nonprofit support group that works to promote adequate educational opportunities for gifted students. On their site you’ll find information about state policies and links to other resources.

Scholastic Quick Clicks
Scholastic provides tips to make sure your gifted child reaches his potential.