Science and nature books for kindergartners
Discover the many facets of life on earth with an award-winning photographer’s take on dirt, an exploration of corn’s cultural history, and a stunning photo-essay of one colorful chameleon.

Science and nature books for 1st graders
Help first graders learn about the natural world around them. This book list will spark their curiosity about creatures as varied as beetles, sea turtles, and polar bears.

Science and nature books for 2nd graders
From playful penguins to mighty dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone on this book list.

Science and nature books for 3rd graders
From great whites to garbage, let these books spark your child’s interest in science by presenting a range of natural (and not so natural) phenomena.

Science and nature books for 4th graders
These books will appeal to animal lovers and amateur environmentalists alike as they build knowledge and fall in love with reading.

Science and nature books for 5th graders
Scientists and inventors have a unique ability to captivate kids with their creations and, more often than not, eccentricities.

Science and nature books for middle schoolers
This excellent, irreverent collection features work by artist Simon Basher, plus topical picks on the environment and global warming.

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Updated: July 28, 2020