If Saturday morning cartoons were educational, your job would be a lot easier, right? Luckily, there’s Brain POP Jr. This educational tool will have your kids laughing and begging for “just a few more minutes,” while they learn all sorts of stuff (like science, social studies, reading, writing, math, health, art, and technology).

The site serves up educational fare in the form of movies, quizzes, games, and activities. Your children can test their knowledge at the end of each short animated video. Even when your children aren’t around, you may find yourself seeking knowledge from Tim and Moby, the animated dude and his robot who seem to know just about everything. Created for students in grades K-3 — and easily navigable — all curriculum is aligned to and searchable by state standards, including the Common Core. There is some free stuff, but a membership (you want one of these) is $9.45 a month, $99 for a year.