Explore the world through reading with this activity. We live in a multicultural society, and your child has probably noticed that her friends may look, talk and even dress differently from your family. What a great opportunity for the family to explore the world and its people.

What you’ll need

  • Children’s atlas
  • Nonfiction books about other countries, their people and customs

Here’s how to do it

Talk about your child’s friends or neighbors who come from other countries. For example, if her friend is from the Yucatan, show your child how to look it up in an atlas. Read interesting facts about the friend’s homeland. Then read a nonfiction book about either the country or its people. A good example for this would be, Mayeros; A Yucatec Maya Family, by George Ancona. Learn about what people of different countries eat, wear and how they celebrate holidays or birthdays. Then compare your family’s traditions to those of your friend.

Jennifer Thompson is an award-winning reading specialist.

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