1. Be sure to fill out all school forms with the contact information for both parents.
  2. For parents of younger students, let the school know about your custody arrangements. Teachers in the early grades need to know where the child will be going for after-school care and where she will be doing her homework.
  3. Request that the teacher be sensitive to the child and how they might feel different from the other children.
  4. Request that the school send home two copies of all important announcements, classroom rosters/directories, etc, to ensure that both parents receive a copy.
  5. Both parents should make every effort to attend school events and parent-teacher conferences.
  6. Communicate with the other parent to ensure you both have the same information about upcoming projects, field trips, areas the child is feeling challenged, areas that need to be focused on, etc.
  7. Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher.
  8. Keep supplies for homework at both houses.
  9. Let your child know that school and homework is important to you.
  10. Have your child email drafts of reports and projects to both parents’ email addresses or to the child’s email address if they have one.