Full episode: The M-Word


The M-Word: You say you want a (math) revolution

Like a Sponge talks with Stanford University’s Jo Boaler about harmful math myths and what research shows about how we could be teaching math more effectively.


The M-Word: Math literacy is a civil right

Civil Rights leader Bob Moses used funds from his MacArthur Genius Fellowship to create the Algebra Project, the forerunner to an innovative, community-building math program now happening in eight cities nationwide that’s run by his daughter, Maisha Moses.


The M-Word: Breaking the rules

James Tanton, mathematician-at-large for the Mathematical Association of America, on teaching kids to appreciate the beauty and humanity of math.


The M-Word: Will you tell me a math problem?

Of course you read stories to your kids before tucking them in at night. But who cuddles up with math at bedtime?


The M-word: Fixing math’s bad rap

We talked to rapper and former teacher and principal Ike Ramos of Flocabulary about why hip-hop is an effective tool for teaching everything from fractions to photosynthesis.


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This center at Stanford University, founded by Mathematical Mindsets author Jo Boaler, is dedicated to reducing math failure and inequality by providing research-based teaching methods and resources to teachers.

The Young People’s Project
Founded in 1996 in Jackson, Mississippi, the Young People’s Project trains high school students to become math literacy workers who teach math to younger students in their communities, and become engaged citizens in the process.

The Mathematics of Change
This film is comedian Josh Kornbluth’s one-man show about his experiences “hitting the wall” as a freshman math student at Princeton, produced in partnership with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

Bedtime Math
This free app for making math part of your bedtime routine was proven in a study led by University of Chicago psychologists to improve kids’ math performance—even kids whose parents are anxious about math.

This after-school math club founded by the creators of Bedtime Math teaches math through recreational activities. Learn how to start one at your child’s school.

This library of educational hip-hop that teaches standards-based academic skills and concepts is now available in an app, available on iOS and Android.

Global Math Project
Join a global community engaged in the joy of mathematics.

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Learn about the National Math Festival and other Public Understanding of Math programs aimed at all ages, from toddlers to octogenarians.

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Updated: December 16, 2020