It is important in physical education class and at home for children to have shoes that are good for movement. Many styles of shoes are designed for fashion and not for function. It is not the cost of the shoes that is important, but how they fit and move.

Finally and most important, use those shoes. Kindergarten children should spend lots of time moving. Encourage your child to gallop like a horse, jump like a kangaroo, hop on one foot and run like a gazelle.

These games spark the imagination and help a small child to get physically ready to read.

Gross motor skills such as running and skipping are the foundation for fine motor skills such as writing and paper cutting. Anytime children are practicing skills that cross the mid-line of their body, they are working to strengthen the connection between the right and left brain. Those brain connections are crucial for reading across a page. Any actions that pair the right hand with left foot, or left hand with right foot, knee or side are strengtheners for the right-left brain connection.