These books embrace the spirit of fun and adventure.

Vacation reads for kindergartners
Kick off your kindergartner’s summer reading with magical role-swaps, kid inventions, and the most unexpected pet.

Vacation reads for 1st graders
Tales of imaginative cats, surprise superheroes, and friends working together that will enthrall your child (and keep ’em reading while school’s out).

Vacation reads for 2nd graders
From straight-talking Jules to mind-blowing size comparisons, these books will keep your child entertained — and reading for fun — while school’s out.

Vacation reads for 3rd graders
Summer adventures for your third grader to explore off-beat places (a ship, magical land, or even the world’s messiest closet, perhaps?) and delve into mysteries and secret codes.

Vacation reads for 4th graders
A hint o’ humor, a splash of suspense, and a large slice of storytelling combine to make these books the ones your child will enjoy delving into — for fun — while school is out.

Vacation reads for 5th graders
Want to get your child reading for fun while school’s out? Start with these entertaining and captivating page-turners.

Vacation reads for 6th graders
Riveting and relatable stories that’ll get your sixth grader hooked on reading for fun while school is out.

Vacation reads for 7th graders
Stories of fantastical powers and glimpses into other kids’ realities that perfectly suit the pleasure-reading tastes of young teens.

Vacation reads for 8th graders
Older kids will discover magic, romance, and culture clash with these entrancing summertime reads.