Interested in music, history or the solar system? Go online with your child and you’ll both find out how much fun learning can be.

Star Fall
Your child can explore the alphabet and read folk tales at this site chock-full of activities for reading and writing.

Storyline Online
Listen to children’s stories read aloud by actors.

Literacy Center
At this site your child can practice activities ranging from colors, shapes, letters and words.

Explore the solar system by playing games, seeing photographs from space, learning about the space station crew and much more.

National Geographic Kids
At this site your child can play games, do activities, read stories and watch educational videos. Click on the “Animals” tab to learn interesting facts about different creatures.

Play Music
Learn about and listen to instruments in an orchestra. Meet musicians and find out how they got their start in the field.

Math Advantage
Check out these math activities and games for grades K-8.

Time for Kids
Find articles, poll questions, games and homework help from the online version of Time for Kids, a weekly classroom news magazine.

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Updated: March 11, 2016