Kids don’t come with instructions.

Adorable saying. Not even close to true.

As soon as my parenting journey began, kids came with a deluge of instructions. That dude at the food court who scolded me for drinking Diet Coke. The coworker who plied me with a pile of dog-eared lactation books. Not to mention the pediatrician’s brochures, the backpack fliers, that therapist at the playground, the mommy blogosphere, and all those well-meaning relatives!

The problem wasn’t a lack of instructions, but with so much random, pointless instructional material flying at me, it was hard to make sense of it all.

For the past year, we’ve been working hard on a new section of GreatSchools designed to put an end to this madness. We call it GreatKids, and we hope you love it as much as we loved making it for you. GreatKids gives you small moments of brilliance drawn from the unruly ocean of parenting information. Not only have we brought together the 10 thousand stories, videos, tips, and worksheets we’ve been creating over the last 15 years, we’ve added new content and tools to help you help your child become the awesome person they’re meant to be. (And it’s all accessible on your phone!)

Here’s why we’re different:

We focus on what’s really important: helping your child learn and grow. (Sorry, no Top 10 Cellulite Zappers from the Housewives franchise.)

We follow the research and we’re selective: we boil the sea of studies, expert opinions, and stories so you don’t have to.

We care about the whole child, from preschool to twelfth grade. Kids are complex: academics affect emotional lives and vice versa. Our research-based insights and real-life stories help you hone in on the right decisions for your family.

What will you find? Everything from:



Oh, and thousands of free worksheets from preschool through fifth grade.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be launching two important new collections. We partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to create new research-based articles, videos, and tools for parents of children in preschool through fifth grade. We also worked with an advisory board of preschool experts from across the nation to create new, in-depth coverage of early learning.

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Because even though parenting may be the hardest job you’ll ever love, there are ways to make it easier. Welcome to GreatKids!