Education data transparency state-by-state

In our March 2019 GreatSchools Parent Insights webinar, we share key findings from our report Finding the Data: A State by State Assessment of Education Data Transparency.

We have learned that data transparency can help build trust, and that conversations about schools, and efforts to improve them, are better and more effective when we are all informed by data.

We share our systematic and deeper understanding of how state education agencies compare across a set of three broad dimensions of education transparency: accessibility and access, quality, and disaggregation for key students groups. We also share areas of common success and challenges in the sharing of education data, examples of states that are leading the way with transparency, and provide suggestions on ways to address some of the most common barriers that states face.

You can watch an on-demand recording of the webinar below.

YouTube video

Stay tuned for our next Parent Insights webinar.