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6 family engagement talks on raising happy, resilient kids

Kids are stressed. Parents are worried. Your school can bring the community together.

Research shows that certain character strengths help kids grow up to weather life’s difficulties and live healthy, joyful lives. These six free presentations on raising compassionate, courageous kids offer anyone an easy way to spark conversation and build positive school culture. Each DIY family engagement presentation includes an entertaining Google slides deck, a customizable script, group activities, and take-home materials. Packed with science, stories, and actionable advice, these talks draw original reporting from our popular podcast for parents, Like a Sponge. (Two more coming soon!)

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Love family engagement talkThe secret ingredient for thriving in our fractured society? It’s love, actually. This presentation explains how showing kids unconditional love (and making sure they get the message) equips them to navigate the world with courage and compassion.

Purpose family engagement talk
Only 40% of adults say they feel a strong sense of purpose. But research shows that kids with purpose are happier and more engaged in their schoolwork. This presentation tells parents about the incredible power of purpose and how to guide their child toward a meaningful life.

Generosity family engagement talk
The science is clear: Raising kids to be generous is like giving them a superpower. This presentation explains why it’s so good to be good, and what families can do at home to nurture generosity in their kids.

Honesty family engagement talk

Today’s kids see celebrities, business moguls and politicians lie with impunity. This presentation offers advice for teaching kids the value of honesty and giving them a framework for applying it.