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Call for research proposals

Research partnerships

GreatSchools strongly values research and wants to equip more researchers with our data so they can produce valuable insights on how education information can help parents and students. We invite research proposals that utilize GreatSchools’ data to answer education research questions, including:

How do parents use education information? What kinds of school data has the largest influence on parents’ impressions of school quality, preferences, and/or education decisions?

What’s the best way to help parents support their child’s education?


To request access to GreatSchools data, please review information on available data and related costs and then submit a short research proposal with the following information to


GreatSchools will prioritize data sharing with researchers pursuing mission-adjacent or mission-aligned research projects. To learn more about our organization, please visit the About Us section on our webpage. Depending on the scope of the data request, we may request a fee to cover staff time to create the specific dataset for your project. GreatSchools aims to minimize costs for research that contributes to understanding the use of education information, particularly for the sake of improving equity and examining the impact of GreatSchools’ content.