Do you feel me? (dodgeball)

A game of dodgeball leads to a misunderstanding. Can you guess how he was feeling?

Show the feeling word


how you feel when others act like something was your fault

Take it further

Emotions matter. Emotions influence our decision making and color our relationships. Research shows that children who develop emotional intelligence skills are kinder, happier, healthier, and more successful. Help your child develop emotional intelligence by playing another round of our feeling words game.

Conversation starters:

  • Ask your child how feeling blamed is different than feeling guilty or embarrassed.
  • Ask your child to think about the boy in the video: why do you think everyone blamed him and turned against him? If the kids had taken a problem-solving approach instead of a blaming approach, how might things have gone differently?


Have your child remember a time when they blamed something on someone. Have them write the person a note or draw a picture that expresses how they feel about the situation in retrospect.

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