Carol Dweck on the secret of your child’s brain

"Parents are not doing kids a favor" by making this common mistake, says Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, who explains how to inspire confidence in your child.

In research for her ground-breaking book, Mindset, author Carol Dweck discovered that well-meaning parents frequently undermine their children’s confidence and drive to succeed. In this video, Dweck says to avoid this parental pitfall, make sure you and your child understand this important fact about how the brain works.

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Video transcript: "Always be thinking of the brain as being like a muscle that you’re exercising and growing, through doing hard things and sticking to them. Parents are not doing kids a favor when they dumb things down and then praise them to the hilt. Because those are exactly the kids who are going to get scared and say they’re bored or uninterested in something when it gets hard. You want to teach them hard is fun and worth your while."


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