Celebrating student progress

It’s easy to focus on the kids who are falling behind or flying ahead, but how can schools support the forgotten middle? This school found a way.

High school was originally created during the Industrial Revolution as a way to train factory workers. But the design, based on outdated goals and outdated information, is still intact in most high schools today — down to sitting in rows of desks.

So what kind of high school do we need in the 21st century? This video is part of our Transforming High School project with articles, videos, Season 3 of our podcast, and tools to help parents and educators understand why high school is the way it is — and all of the modern, research-backed ways it can change for the better. Discover what you think will work for your child and your school and share it with your child, teachers, the principal, the superintendent, and the school board. When parents raise their voices, change really can happen.

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Thank you to Principal Tiger Nunez for sharing this information about Mater Academy’s Lion Strides program. Mater Academy won a GreatSchools College Success Award.

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