Do you feel me? (family)

A caring family makes him feel like this. Do you know the word to describe this feeling?

Show the feeling word


Feeling like others care for you and are there to help you do well

Take it further

Emotions matter. Emotions influence our decision making and color our relationships. Research shows that children who develop emotional intelligence skills are kinder, happier, healthier, and more successful. Help your child develop emotional intelligence by playing another round of our feeling words game.

Conversation starters:

  • First ask your child how they are feeling after watching this video, and share how you feel. Talk about those feelings.
  • Share with your child a description of a time when you felt supported, and then ask about someone who has supported your child through a hard time.
  • Ask your child about different ways you can show support for someone. What kind of support makes you feel most cared for?


Have your child make a “support map” of all the people they feel supported by in their life. Have them put themselves at the center of a paper and draw connections to other people. Then have them add people who support their supportive people.


Go on a support spree! Think about someone who is going through a difficult time and make them some food (bake them some cookies or a favorite dish) or help them in some other way.

Book lists:

Explore stories about feeling supported in our feeling word book lists:

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