Do you feel me? A game about emotions

Hear kids' stories. Guess their emotions.

What’s the word to describe that feeling? Play the Do you feel me? game and hear kids’ stories about a time they felt a strong emotion.

Video transcript

Child 1: “It makes me disappointed.”
Child 2: “They blamed it on me.”
Child 3: “And I couldn’t like believe it.”
Child 4: “Other people laughed at me.”
Child 5: “Just felt like hopeless. Can’t do anything.”
Child 6: “Made me feel really sad. Which actually made me feel even more scared.”
Child 7: “It really scares me.”
Child 8: “It’s embarrassing.”
Child 9: “I felt happy.”
Child 10: “I was so excited.”
Child 11: “I had a ton of butterflies in my stomach.”

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